The AMO Screw-Type Packer is a world-class machine. Innovative design and features are far ahead of other manufacturers.

The AMO Screw-Type Packer revolutionizes the powder-bagging worksite, which with other machines is a harsh, dust-filled environment for machine operators. Two internal screws combined with small quantities of compressed air are at the heart of the AMO method. This basic structure has been steadily improved over 40 years. The merits are acknowledged all over the world, as shown by the fact that some 4,000 units have been delivered in Japan and abroad.

Features of the AMO Screw-Type Packer

Virtually dust-free
The construction of the AMO Screw-Type Packer is such that the powder has no direct contact with outside air. It is effectively semi-closed. Moreover, the use of an expansion nozzle at the end of the nozzle section seals the connection between nozzle and bag while filling. The AMO Screw-Type Packer therefore raises almost no dust.

Prevention of contamination
The semi-closed structure of the Packer essentially prevents unexpected accidents such as foreign bodies entering the powder from outside. Furthermore, components coming into contact with powder are designed to maximum safety specifications to virtually eliminate the possibility of machine elements dropping into the powder. Please ask us about contamination prevention measures under HACCAP and ISO9000 series guidelines.

Compact & convenient
The AMO Packer is extremely compact, at about 1.2 m wide, 1.8 m deep and 1.9 m high. This machine is a flexible solution even in cases where there is not much space for installation of the Packer and other machinery. Because the Packer needs only an AC power source and a source of small amounts of compressed air, it is ideal also for small-scale facilities.

Expanding to automation of bag placement & sealing
As a total solution manufacturer, AMO designs and makes automated lines including bag placer and sealing machines. For customers who installed the AMO Packer and are planning to automate, we will take responsibility for development of automated production lines.

High fill density with valve bags
When filling open-top bags, the nature of the system makes it impossible to raise the fill density. The shape of the filled bag is irregular, and the lack of uniformity causes problems with packing on standardized pallets. The AMO Packer uses valve bags and easily achieves a high fill density. Automated palletization is thus no problem.

Two screw conveyors transport powder from the hopper to the nozzle. Small quantities of compressed air sent to the nozzle force the powder through the nozzle into the bag. This is the basic structure of the AMO Screw-Type Packer. The screw conveyors operate according to electronic quantity data collected by the load cell. A two-step controller switches the Packer instantaneously between high-speed and low-speed operation, thereby enabling both high-speed filling and weighing accuracy. (A machine under linear control is now being developed.)
The nozzle section has a rubber expansion nozzle which expands to a tight fit on the inside of the valve while filling. This has the dual merits of stopping the nozzle from slipping out of the bag, and preventing powder spillage.
The material, pitch and other specifications of the auger screw are selected and coordinated according to the powder being transported. Furthermore, specific surface-finishing of screws and cylinders, and other modifications, enable bagging of powders with special properties, prevent contamination, and so on.

Each machine is custom-made

We custom-build the auger screw and other components for the AMO Packer. This enables us to provide customers with machines ideally suited to their specific objectives.

AMO screw type packer Part number list

Part number Feature
N-8E-300CO That is the most orthodox packer.
N-8E-400COS That is the latest packer makes high product output possible.
N-8E-300SP Thanks to spare room in packer main body, can relief product character transformation due to compressed air during powder fill up.
N-8E-300WB Suitable for the bulky particle like bran, rice hulls and so on.
N-8E-300CM Add cleanable features to present n-8e-300co type packer.
N-8E-300CST Suitable for a series of powder has sticky character.

Suitable for filling up powder / particle in higher airtight kraft sack.

N-8E-200Ci Review the present n-8e-300co structural design and make it more compactly.
N-8E-100Ci Suitable for operative condition that changes variety of powder frequently.
NP-CL3W Some component machinery parts can be disassembled easily and washed by water.
AOP-5A That is used for from 1.0 kgs to 5.0 kgs weight open mouth type ktraft paper sack.

The Airless Packer range
In contrast to the standard AMO Screw-Type Packer, the Airless Packer uses no air, only the screw, to bag powders. This machine exercises its strength in filling airtight bags with powders that have very high fluidity when mixed with air, materials with extremely low fluidity, materials with adhesive properties, and other powder types with special properties.

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