Super-high-speed filling of highly fluid powders. Fits for cement and other mineral-based powders.

Although the screw conveyor has high volume measurement accuracy, it also has fundamental performance limitations.In addition, the screw conveyor cannot easily transport powders with high fluidity. The fixed-quantity bagging machine using a rotating vane (impeller) was developed to overcome this difficulty. This unit does not use a screw conveyor and achieves super-high-speed filling.

Merits of the Impeller type

Capacity emphasis cuts fill-cost per bag
Bagging capacity is crucial when cutting costs through mass production. The Impeller bagging machine is also available as a single-step-control model. This machine can fill a bag with 25 kg of portland cement in just 5 or 6 seconds.

High wear resistance for working with mineral powders
Generally, machines working with hard materials such as mineral powders require frequent maintenance of components due to heavy abrasion and wear. In contrast, the Impeller Packer uses parts with high resistance to abrasion and wear, greatly reducing the frequency of parts replacement.

AMO Inpeller type packers

Type Characteristics
C-4E-400S Single Feeder Packer. Easy maintenance.
C-4E-400W Double feeder packer based on C-4E-400S.

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