Accurate bagging of fragile granular products into valve bags.

Granular products that risk being compressed and damaged by the screw conveyor method of transportation can be efficiently bagged using gravity. The AMO Gravity-Flow Packer uses a vibrating feeder to smoothly shift the powder. The two-step flow-volume control at the gate raises the measurement accuracy far above that of other machines.

Merits of the Gravity-Flow type

Granular products into valve bags
The structure of valve bags minimizes the risk of powder leakage and spillage when filling. We recommend this machine for filling valve bags particularly with products of high unit value, and if you wish to minimize the risk of product spillage due to filling errors.

Reduced size of facilities
Granular products tend to be bagged by the open-bag method. However, the machines for this purpose are usually large and bulky. In contrast, the AMO Gravity-Flow Packer is comparatively small, and can be operated independently if the appropriate power supply and compressed air supply are available.

AMO Gravity-Flow type packers

Type Characteristics
GF-E-300-2F Basic type applicable to both open-type bags and valve-type bags

Non-contact structure fit for GMP. Adaptable even for powder materials.
Small amount of residual. Quick taking-apart, and easy cleaning.

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